The photographs shown here were made with a wide variety of cameras. All my early work was shot with film on a large format view camera. More recently I've been shooting with a state-of-the-art digital camera, a digitall Hasseblad.. This camera is the first digital camera to yield results comparable to a large format film camera. I've also been shooting some of my Tuscany people photographs with a new digital Leica.
Over the years I've done virtually every kind of printing, from darkroom silver gelatin prints to color dye-transfer prints and Ilfochrome contact prints. However, today I am making the best prints of my life on the latest generation of pigment, inkjet printers. The pigments in these printers together with beautiful, acid-free papers yield incredibly detailed and tonally stunning prints with the richness and depth of a traditional darkroom print and the archival characteristics of silver gelatin prints.
This technology has been tested by Wilhelm Research to yield prints that last 100 to 200 years without visible fading, if displayed properly. I mount and overmat my prints with only the finest, museum quality mat board. The mat borders are generous to better show off the images. This results in the most beautiful prints I've every produced. You would be proud to own one.
-Edward Riddell
March, 2012