The Yellowstone in these pictures is not the Yellowstone most people see when they visit. I learned long ago that Yellowstone was best experienced in spring and fall when the park is relatively empty. I also try to experience Yellowstone when the weather is stormy and the light is soft and enveloping. The photographs in this portfolio were all taken from very near the road. If you've driven through Yellowstone, you've driven by every scene in these photographs. In most cases you could have seen the actual subject from you car window. These photographs are simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time and then seeing the scene in the most simple and direct way, eliminating all the visual distractions from the final composition. Once that is done one must apply the highest level of photographic craftsmanship through to the final print. I hope these photographs help you see Yellowstone with new eyes. -Ed Riddell May, 2001